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The individual nature of discovery, spirituality—of life—cannot be stepped over. Yet, we often do skip right over it. To varying degrees, what isn't us is suspect. We are free to judge because, let's face it, we all think we know better. But don't we all reserve the right to make that judgment for ourselves?

How can we both reserve the right to choose for ourselves, while simultaneously deciding it is our right to choose for others?

This paradox may be the root of the Root Conversation. #R007X When you begin to look at the ways we operate, both individually and as a society, what you see is that nothing is working. All woven together, it occurs as too tangled to unravel. But it could be argued that everything we see has been created from the trap of our own perspective.


We believe we are committed to an ideal, when in reality, we are mostly concerned with appearing to be right. While we are all busy being right, nothing changes. We are against each other, instead of for what we believe. Inside of this, we play out the same cycles over and over again. We will never escape the illusion of we-are-right and they-are-wrong until we are willing to see the destruction spawning from it.

We are most often trapped in our own #P0V to the degree that we don’t see it’s a trap. We cling to it like a security blanket, peering out through the microscopic holes, imagining we see clearly.
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