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We learn from history
That we do not learn from history.
--Friedrich Hegel
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Must we always come to violence?


Doesn't it feel like a truly advanced civilization would operate more thoughtfully, creatively and cooperatively toward a mutual diplomatic solution?

Is war unavoidable? 

Is fighting unavoidable? 

That is not what we teach our children.


How can we reconcile that?

What about the fact that most wars are fought for reasons other than as advertised?

Does it matter that we're being sold a noble cause, when the actual incentive is power, money, intimidation, domination, control and hidden agendas?

Can we ignore that it is the working class that fight these wars, while the ruling class initiates and controls them?

What about how wars span generations—hate begetting violence begetting hate begetting violence—so that the war is now about hundreds of thousands of lives lost, ruined, destroyed—and endless pain, fear and lust for vengeance?


Isn't it clear that violence begets violence? Isn't it clear that war can only ever lead to more reasons to fight?

Where is this cycle of fighting leading us?

What is the collective impact of thousands of years trapped inside the violent cycle of war?

What is the likely outcome of our history of war?

How much of this cycle is perpetuated in the name of—

Can we not see that these are excuses?

Its way too big + complicated.

There is no way to control that.

Other people are paid to fix that.

Let powerful/smart/rich figure it out.

It's someone else's problem.

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#R007X #W4R #50URC35

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