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+ Acceptance of where we are

+ Acceptance of others as they are

+ Seeing who we really are, not our circumstance + experience

+ Shift perspective outside experience + beliefs + systems

+ Seeing the potential of others + possibility for cooperation

+ Releasing the past + need to put up a false front

+ Letting go of assigning meaning + blame

+ Create a clearing for a more intentional life


+ Shift perspective outside limited viewpoints + systems

+ Deliver consensus statement via peaceful actions + gatherings

+ Create a clearing for a new way of being human

+ Create a space to impact change for self+ community + world

Growing a Movement
Intentional Evolution


Social posts + essays + art + music + #3XPR355ions on critical topics from the #P0V of each participant are presented on popular social networks as a platform to begin the conversation 


Participants converse primarily online via #R007X hashtag + following the #R007C0D3 + 70P1X

Discussion + feedback is funneled + shared + tracked through 7H30N3F33D

#R007X 7H3F1R57 #R007X

The first test +​ in-person conversations are created through the original participants

+ friends + family + groups + community + so on + so on

+ coached conversations with core experts + key social influencers + outliers + inspirations + activists + sources + celebrities + leaders

+ 7H3F1R57 #R007X are documented + shared to spread + encourage + model online + in-person #R007X

#R007X #H057 #R007X

7H3F1R57 #R007X generate contributors able + willing to #H057 the next generation of #R007X on 70P1X that matter to them + friends + family + groups + community + so on + so on

+ 7H3F1R57 #R007X + #R007X

+ #9R455R0075 + #C4N0PY5 + #3E contributors

+ #H057s provided guidelines + resources + tips + coaching + support to create + document online + in-person conversations

#R007X #2Z #C0NV3R53

The conversation is fueled online via discussions + comments on popular social platforms.

  1. Facebook

  2. Twitter

  3. LinkedIn

  4. Instagram

+ Networks added as participants share content + create a buzz

  • Twitter - White Circle
  • Facebook - White Circle
  • Instagram - White Circle
  • LinkedIn - White Circle

#R007X  #3E #3V0LV3

Word is spread via the online grapevine + water-cooler conversation 

+ groups + communities + organizations creating conversation around 70P1X relevant to them


+ local + regional + popular media as the wave rises.


The conversation is deepened through the creation of online groups + chats + regularly

scheduled #R007X forums.

#R007X parties spring up + online contests + sharing favorite #R007X #P0V entries + #D15C0V3RY stories.


#R007X inspires street teams +

participant organized projects + local workshops.

#3W projects supported by #9R455R0075 + #C4N0PY5 + #3E

Participants provided resources + tips + coaching + support to create + document + share their projects.

#R007X #87R #Y0UR3N7RY #3W

The #R007X creator's book of essays + memoir based on the topics + experience released. 83N347H7H3R0075 #87R.

+ free dl of essays
+ pre-sale of essays + memoir**

**proceeds support 9R455R0075 + #R007X + #574RX

+ contributors + artists + creators + creatives are encouraged to create their own #3W projects


R007D3CL4R4710N PR0C355

R007D3CL4R4710N compiled + generated + previewed to #R007 contributors for a period of structured discussion + revision

+ R007D3CL4R4710N released online for download + sharing to promote #R007X + #7H30N3V3N7 

When the conversation has reached a level where a consensus can be formed from through compiled contributions, a ROOT DECLARATION will be generated with a summary on the focus topics + a diverse sampling of #R007X conversation*.

*All conversation samples pre-approved for use.


#R007X  #7H30N3V3N7

7H30N3V3N7 is a peaceful march + gathering occurring in the public space. R007D3CL4R4710N will be ceremoniously delivered  or posted as dictated by law + courtesy. Confrontations + arguments + contacting anyone in their private space is strictly forbidden + NOT an intention of 7H30N3V3N7. 

ROOT DECLARATION delivered to  local + state + national government + world organizations  + Fortune 100 HQ + Top 9%* via a peaceful worldwide gathering event marking the completion of the #R007X.

*70.1% of world’s adults own under $10,000 in wealth, or 3% of the world global wealth. The world’s wealthiest, those owning over $100,000 in assets, total only 8.6% of the global population + own 85.6% of global wealth.


#574RX 7H3NU3X

Where the #R007X ends >> 

In the clearing of the #R007X is the space to be something new. 

+ What do we want to create?
+ self + community + world?

The 574RT4LK begins

s p a c e for a #NU3X  + #CL34R + #7R4N5F0RM

#CR3473 + #477R4C7

#R007X 7H30N371M3



H0W 70 C0N7R18U73 

+ Participate in the conversation

+ Learn something new everyday

+ Make a new connections

+ Offer suggestions + collaborations

+ Share #R007X with others

+ Host a #R007X

+ Join the #GR455R0075 movement 


7H30N3X is a mission based project on a participation based timeline. We are creating + refining the #R007X conversation + process as we go. Updates will be made as the vision + resources + partners grow. 

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