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#R007X #W4R #51D35

The fact is we have been at war since the dawn of time. War is the controlling mentality on every level of our life—world, nation to nation, race to race, sex to sex, group to group, preference to preference, person to person, perspective to perspective. We even wage #W4R on ourselves.

It is all us vs them.

How can we achieve peace inside the mentality of #W4R? 

What is the impact of having to be on the right side? 

The untold history of us.

We will never rise as a people if we require a figure-head to stand for us.  Power does indeed corrupt. Even the most noble can be bribed, blackmailed, threatened or neutralized through self-interest, self-preservation, dominant paradigms, ignorance, manipulation of corrupt systems or out-right murder.

None of us are immune.

We must stop pointing-out + looking outside us for a solution + begin looking in + reaching out to help + we must create a space for real conversation.

#R007X #W4R

15 W4R 1N3V1748L3?

We have been hating and hurting and killing each other since the dawn of time.

If we're not willing to face our collective blindness, we will continue to fight and die in the name of our inherited, limited viewpoints.

#R007X #M45535 #H473

-- Nationalism

+ Genocide + Holocaust

+ Ethnic Cleansing

+ Mass Subjugation

+ Extremism

#R007X #M45535 #MURD3R

+ Cults/Slavery/Human Trafficking

+ Mass Rape of Natural World 

+ War + Hate Crimes

+ Vulnerable Population Crimes 

+ Blue/White Collar Crime

+ Crimes of Culture + Circumstance

#R007X #M45535 #M1ND537

+ Punishment + Rehabilitation

+ Us v. Them ideology

+ Appearance v. Reality

+ The superiority complex

+ The illusion we know it all or anything not colored by our #P0V.

+ Punishing Poor + Weak + Other

+ Occurrence + Perception + Treatment of mental illness

+ PTSD + Depression + Anxiety

#R007X #M45535 #R3516N3D

+ Survival Instinct + Conditioning

+ Adaptation + Perseverance

+ Out of sight  + Out of mind

+ The tool becoming the user

+ Avoidance + Ignorance

+ Following + Being led

+ Manipulation + Fear

#R007X #M35535 #MYW0RLD

-- How we relate to the world + planet

+ Illusion that nothing we do will change or impact anything outside our circle

+ Illusion we are limited in our choices

+ World Wide Web

+Disinformation, Trolling, Scams, Isolation

R007X #M35535 #M1ND

+ Politics + Government

+ Spirituality + Religion

+ Economy + Commerce

+ Education + Academia 

+ Science + Tech

+ Emergency + Healthcare

+ Military + Police 

+ Public Utilities + Lands

+ Community + Public Service 

R007X #M35535 #H34R7

+ The position of the family in relationship to career

+ What we want v. what we accept

+ Friends + Connection

+ Partner  + Family

+ Parents + Children

+ Love + Possession

+ Right to Love

R007X #M35535 #80DY

-- Wellbeing

+ Mind + Body Health

+ Self-Care + Movement

+ Rest + Nutrition

+ Connection + Service

+ Fun + Joy + Exploration

+ Creativity + Imagination

+ Curiosity +Learning 

+ Passion + Passions

+ Space for nothing + to be

+ Awareness of impact outside self

+ Compassion + Humanity

R007X #M35535 #50UL

-- Self

+ Higher Self

+ Are You Being Who You Really Are?

+ Are You Living The Life You Dream?

+ Are you sharing who you really are with the people in your life + your community + the outside world?

#R007X #P34C3

WH47 W3 C4N CR3473 15 7H3 P055181L17Y 0F P34C3

+ What does peace look like in your own life?

+ What does a life being who you really are, living the life you dream look like?

+ What's stopping you from pursuing everything you want?


Topics + Questions are a tool to get the conversation rolling. They are structured to be inclusive + provide access for anyone to start talking.


They are not intended to be exclusive.

To create the optimal mindset to participate in, and gain from, the #R007X , please read the #R007C0D3

The #R007X is not limited to or by a topic, timeline or any one form of expression. It is an ongoing conversation about who we claim to be v. who we actually are. All that is required to participate is #R007X.

The rest is up to you.

Select where you would like to begin

+ Your favorite social network

+ Tell us about your experience
+ Say what is real

+ Add the tag #R007X #1I #3XPR355

+ To track your entry + level + state in the conversation, read H0W70X

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